The Gaming pit

Our Gaming Pit @ the O. Lounge is a BYOC (console or computer) for either fans of console games or PC's!!!

Regardless of which, Our guest have the option of plugging into our gigabit network and competing to the early mornings!!!

In addition to time play we also host cash prize tournaments no longer deal with the cheating but challenge other players in a face to face setting and walk away with a pocket of cash nightly!!! YOU call the game and bring your opponents, we facilitate!!! 24/7 !!! We take trash talk seriously !! SO settle it don't just talk about it!!!!

SO rather your coming to kick some butts in fighters, or start a frag mayhem in FPS's or just swapping tips and data in RPGS we welcome all to attend

As of now we can only supply the network hub, cards, tables, chairs, and voltage. So we encourage our console guest's to at least bring their TV's (which shouldn't be so hard for your Halo Clans or FPS teams....since that's just one TV and Console for every 4 players in your team)(until we receive more donations on free tv's and consoles)

We also invite all for just friendly game play regardless of what skill level come and have a good time!!!