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The G-LAN Crew

We can help you host your own LAN Tournaments!! We provide the network you Provide the People and Space!!

24/7 Video Game Cash Tournaments

Shut up or Put up!!! CASH only ..Talk is Cheap real gamers play for real and in person!!

Team Anime Resellers

Make some extra money and come be a reseller of your favorite anime!! Great way to make some extra cash!! or just pick up some the titles you love so much for yourself!!


Oribit PC Repair

Come grab Media Players , Hard Drives and other great PC equipment!!! We also optimize existing PC's and help you turn them into your own personal MEDIA CENTERS!! with out costing you and arm and a leg!!


Welcome to the Data Gathering

Come grab tons of porn, anime, hentai,software, music,games and more over our network!! A torrent party for all of those who love the words 100% complete!!