O lounge

Finally a place in the Tri-State Area that caters to all us Otaku Lovers!! We are located right off of exit 9 near I-95 in between the Delaware and Philly line. (20 mins from Uni. City)Come join us and enjoy

Anime viewing and discussion

Video Games Console play and tournaments

LAN Games over our Gigabit Network

Manga reading and discussion

Old school card games such as magic, yu-gi-oh, etc.

Just a great place that you can come to and hangout all day, and enjoy a bunch of Otaku minded stuff!!

The O. Lounge has 3 sections our Anime Corner, Gaming Pit, and Common area. We invite all to come join us!!!

Email us at: otakus_lounge@delaware.usa.com
Hours: 10am to 6:00am

Anime Corner

At our Anime corner we watch and discuss and even share (for those of us who don't have all day to hang out) Our current and ever growing collection of anime!!

Just a Few of our titles....

The Complete Naruto
Naruto Shippuden
Avatar The Last Airbender
Full Metal Alchemist
Samurai X
Samurai Champloo
Cowboy Bebop
Love Hina
Samurai 7
Afro Samurai
Ergo Proxy
Kurau Phantom Memory
Paronia Agent

And many more!!! So come join us to check them out !!! Or just let us serve as your official stop for grabbing your anime!!

The Gaming pit

Our Gaming Pit @ the O. Lounge is a BYOC (console or computer) for either fans of console games or PC's!!!

Regardless of which, Our guest have the option of plugging into our gigabit network and competing to the early mornings!!!

In addition to time play we also host cash prize tournaments daily...so no longer deal with the cheating but challenge other players in a face to face setting and walk away with a pocket of cash nightly!!! YOU call the game and bring your opponents, we facilitate!!! 24/7 !!! We take trash talk seriously !! SO settle it don't just talk about it!!!!

SO rather your coming to kick some butts in fighters, or start a frag mayhem in FPS's or just swapping tips and data in RPGS we welcome all to attend

As of now we can only supply the network hub, cards, tables, chairs, and voltage. So we encourage our console guest's to at least bring their TV's (which shouldn't be so hard for your Halo Clans or FPS teams....since that's just one TV and Console for every 4 players in your team)(until we receive more donations on free tv's and consoles)

We also invite all for just friendly game play also...so regardless of what skill level come and have a good time!!!

Friends & Affiliates

Here is a link to some of our Affiliates, Tournament Host & Event Promoters!!

please help support our friends and affiliates by clicking on the links to their sites

The G-LAN Crew

We can help you host your own LAN Tournaments!! We provide the network you Provide the People and Space!!


24/7 Video Game Cash Tournaments

Shut up or Put up!!! CASH only ..Talk is Cheap real gamers play for real and in person!!


Team Anime Resellers

Make some extra money and come be a reseller of your favorite anime!! Great way to make some extra cash!! or just pick up some the titles you love so much for yourself!!



Oribit PC Repair

Come grab Media Players , Hard Drives and other great PC equipment!!! We also optimize existing PC's and help you turn them into your own personal MEDIA CENTERS!! with out costing you and arm and a leg!!



Welcome to the Data Gathering

Come grab tons of porn, anime, hentai,software, music,games and more over our network!! A torrent party for all of those who love the words 100% complete!!